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LEE KAN KYO 李漢強        Website  /   Instagram

藝術家。出生於台灣台北市。東京造形大學(造形專攻)碩士畢業。從幼年時看的綜藝節目中感受到日本文化的奇妙,於2007年來到日本。作品題材主要來自於對當代消費社會與生活的觀察,如超級市場傳單系列、周刊雜誌系列,又或是已持續八年的果汁自拍照計劃 juicebox selfie(每天喝一盒果菜汁自拍後傳上網,每年度把自拍照精選成一幅撲克牌)及最近的李點卡計劃(收集人們的卡手繪為李漢強的會員點卡,集滿5點可再得一張)。2014年以日本人數不斷增殖的偶像團體為主題,解剖當代社會大量反覆生產、消費現象的作品《少女偶像團體的神話故事》得到日本「1_WALL」平面藝術大獎。與Supreme,ZEIT,林宥嘉,DOUCHANGLEE,詹記麻辣火鍋,顏社等品牌合作。目前居住於日本東京。⁣

アーティスト。台湾出身。東京造形大学大学院(造形専攻)修了。幼い頃から見ていたTV番組で、日本のエンターテインメントに魅力を感じ、2007年来日。スーパーのチラシや週刊誌、ポイントカードといった世の中の“現象”を主な題材に制作を続ける。国内外のArt Fairや、Art Book Fairへ出展多数。アパレルブランド「Supreme」にアートワークを提供。⁣

Lee Kan Kyo is a Taiwanese graphic artist living and working in Tokyo. He obtained his M.A. Degree in Design from Tokyo Zokei University. Since he was a child, he has been fascinated by the glamour of Japanese culture through Japanese variety shows on TV, which eventually brought him to Japan in 2007. His art works are mainly inspired by modern consumption society and observation of life, such as the Supermarket Flyer Series, Weekly Magazine Series, and the ongoing self-portrait series, Juice box Selfie (where he takes a selfie after drinking a box of juice and uploads online; each year, he selects the best ones and produce a deck of play cards), which began eight years ago. For his latest project, Lee Card, he collects and hand-draws the cards people carry on them into Lee Loyalty Point Cards; people can get one more card when they accumulate 5 points. In 2014, he created an art work that targeted the increasing number of members in Japanese idol groups to illustrate the mass production and consumerism of modern society. The work won him the Grand Prize of 1_Wall Graphic Arts in Japan.⁣